Have a slumber party with your friends.

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In recent years, various conferences bring people from all walks of life together because of the same interests and hobbies. In the past few years, these conventions have been seen as gatherings of strange people, so out of step with the mainstream. But now, people are coming together and even spending money just to be a part of it. Most of these sites require people to fill out registration forms or create membership profiles to join meetings. The organizer releases the schedule, map and event plan in advance so that participants can have a general understanding of the conference and have enough time to prepare and register.
Wearing Kigurumi and make-up is not mandatory and everyone can come in their normal clothes. But will you miss the chance to show the world how much you love Kigurumi? Let’s admit that we are free to do what we want, to wear what we like, and that we are absolutely free in such gatherings, because there are people like us.
These gatherings provide a way to appreciate the benefits of multiculturalism. A chance to celebrate, a chance to be welcomed, a chance to be yourself. Now is the time for you to shine. These parties are organized to celebrate those who show passion. These meetings are held to appreciate those who belong to this diverse subcommunity. Everyone was encouraged to wear their favorite anime character, the cartoon Kigurumi, showing off their precious animal costumes as they joined the festivities. Take the opportunity to enjoy the holidays with people who share the same interests.
A long selection has left several of the more famous comic-con:
Beijing Animation — It’s being hailed as the fourth largest comic-Con of 2017. Anime North begins in Toronto, Canada. Anime North has seen how anime lovers and fans celebrate anime, manga, music, games, and all other forms of Japanese culture!
Boston Comic-Con — The three-day Boston Comic-Con focuses on ways to celebrate and encourage Japanese anime, pop culture and manga. The annual convention is held in Boston, Massachusetts.
Katsucon-katsu, which means “lively” in Japanese, is a three-day fan convention held annually in downtown Washington, D.C. The conference is for multicultural enthusiasts with common interests.
Tokyo Comic-Con – This big comic-con takes place in the birthplace of anime and manga. Tokyo Anime Convention has been commercialized since the success of geek culture in recent years. This conference is a combination of creativity, imagination and diversity.
Comiket — a three-day convention that is one of the biggest anime fairs in the world today. People flocked to see the evolution of animation and comics.
Go to the party you need to have a characteristic of his own clothes to show themselves, to express your love, then animals sleeper is a good choice, if you like method to decide what is suitable for what kind of animal, we recommend the hippopotamus jumpsuits for you, it will make you look very cute, and special. Most people will choose the cat and dog, hippopotamus is few people think of, to avoid the embarrassment of the same shirt.

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